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Step by step help guides

In addition to the ‘How To’ video tutorials we have produced a set of written step-by-step guides for the basic SBDI Bioatlas functionality. If you feel that we have missed giving instructions on a specific tool or function, please let us know by contacting our support, so that we can improve our user manuals.

Setting up & using your account – Activating your account; Managing your profile

Finding basic species information – Selecting species; Overview of information available for individual records

Viewing species information on a map – Viewing the map; Selecting records for an area; Applying filters

Species records – Detailed information available for records; Other ways to access records

Searching by location – Search by region; Explore your area; Search by polygon

Using the advanced search – Detail on how to use advanced search function

How to download data  – How to download data using record selection; Download data by datasets

Spatial Portal – basic functions – Add species to a map; Add areas to a map; Add layers to a map

Spatial Portal – importing data – Selecting data to import; Ways to import data

Spatial Portal – exporting data – Selecting data to download; Ways to download data


During the time the SBDI web is under construction, please also refer to the corresponding NBN guide pages.