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Citation guide

Guidelines on how to cite SBDI

Page contents:

Citing is giving credit to other researchers and acknowledging their ideas.

How to cite the SBDI portal as a whole

To cite the SBDI portal,, as a whole, use:

‘Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI) website at Accessed 23 May 2021.’

How to cite a specific page on the SBDI portal

To cite a page on the SBDI portal,, use:

‘Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI) website at name. Accessed 7 November 2021.’

How to cite data downloads

To cite data downloaded from the SBDI Bioatlas, use the form:

‘Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI) occurrence download at Accessed 28 July 2021.’

Please also cite the list of original data resources/datasets, witch can be found in the download ZIP file, in ‘citation.csv’ If there are too many data resources to be cited for the main citation list, please put the data resource citations in an appendix or supplementary material.

How to acknowledge the Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure is made possible by its partners and by grants from the Swedish Research Council. When publishing or spreading results made possible by using services or data provided by SBDI, please cite the infrastructure and grant number:

‘Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure, grant number: 2019-00242’

When publishing scientific papers this should be mentioned in the ‘Acknowledgement’ section or equivalent.

Note: As with most websites, pages on the SBDI website may change over time.