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Share data with GBIF

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an open-data global research infrastructure for sharing biodiversity data. The Swedish GBIF node is part of SBDI and, with the permission of the individual data partner, we share datasets with GBIF.

The benefit of sharing data with GBIF is that it vastly increases the number of people who will find and possibly use the data. GBIF assigns each dataset a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which is a unique identifier for the dataset. When datasets are cited in publications, GBIF stores the citation against the DOI and passes this information back to the SBDI Bioatlas. Citations and DOI:s for a dataset are listed on the dataset page at GBIF as well as on the SBDI Bioatlas data resources.

We encourage all data partners to share their data with GBIF. Thus, SBDI provides one common license agreement for publishing data to both SBDI and GBIF. Similarly, it requires no extra effort from the data provider to publish data to SBDI and GBIF since we are using the same or synchronized tools for publishing data.

Request endorsement

To become a data publisher on GBIF, your organization must request endorsement from the GBIF community, usually your national GBIF node. This is done by filling in this GBIF form. Contact the SBDI Support Center for further information or the GBIF Sweden team.

Why do I have to request endorsement?

The endorsement procedure aims to ensure that:

  1. Published data are relevant to GBIF’s scope and objectives
  2. Data hosting arrangements are stable and persistent
  3. Data publishing and use are supported by strong national, regional and thematic engagement
  4. Data are as open as possible, and available for sharing and reuse
  5. Data publishers can respond to feedback and improve data quality