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Sharing new tools

If you develop your own tools for biodiversity and ecosystem research, we can help you share it more effectively with the biodiversity and ecosystem research community!

R packages that would be helpful for SBDI users are interesting candidates for inclusion in our online R Studio environment, Mirroreum. To start this process, contact our Support Center and briefly describe your package and why you think it should be included in Mirroreum.

R functionality that you have developed can also be included as an integral part of our own R package, SBDI4R. We provide some basic information on how you can contribute to the SBDI4R package here.

SBDI and the Living Atlases (LA) community are constantly discussing how to develop the technical platform and its components, and how to prioritize new features. Join the Living Atlases (LA) community e-mail list or Slack channel to discuss whether your tool could be an interesting candidate for future incorporation as a core component in the LA platform.

Regardless of whether it is an R package, a Python module or a web site, if your tool or service may be of interest to the SBDI community, we are happy to share information about it on the SBDI portal. Let us know about it by contacting our Support Center.