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Data requirements

To share data through SBDI and GBIF Sweden data providers typically have to organize or transform existing datasets into a standardized format that can easily be understood by everyone. This work may include additional processing, content editing and “mapping” a dataset’s content (matching variable names to names used by the standard), as well as publication through one of the available data publishing tools.

Publishers play an essential role not simply in sharing datasets, but also in managing their quality, completeness and usefulness and ensuring their integration and value. Learn more about data quality requirements and recommendations for:

We encourage those responsible for publishing data to get acquainted with the expected data formats and content requirements as early as possible in the process. Doing so will save a lot of effort that may be needed at later stages, for example, in capturing information for required or strongly recommended fields, or performing and addressing final pre-publication data-quality and validation checks.

To share data through SBDI and GBIF Sweden data providers also need to choose a Creative Commons license and provide metadata.