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SBDI4R package

Welcome to SBDI4R, an R package to search and download data from the SBDI data portal. SBDI4R provides the functions to find, access, combine and visualise data on Swedish plants and animals through queries in any of the databases aggregated by SBDI and GBIF-Sweden (for an overview of the databases see the SBDI Bioatlas collections page). Together with other R packages data can be easily explored in various ways.

SBDI4R is built on the Atlas of Living Australia ALA4R package and works similar to the UK National Biodiversity Network NBN4R package as a wrapper for ALA4R functions but redirects requests to our national web servers. All SBDI, NBN and ALA data infrastructures share similar Application Programming Interfaces (API:s).

Find documentation on the SBDI4R package and examples of how to install and use the package on our GitHub pages.

You can find a general introduction to SBDI R tools and more examples using the SBDI4 R package in our tutorial Using R tools for analysis of primary biodiversity data.