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Molecular data

Biodiversity data derived from metabarcoding and metagenomics studies differ from other occurrence data and require specific solutions, not currently provided by the Living Atlas part of SBDI. Responding to the needs of the molecular research community, SBDI has developed the Swedish ASV portal, a custom molecular module for metabarcoding data with search functionality for sequences and filtering possibilities for e.g. primer pairs. More information about the ASV portal and other molecular tools provided can be found here.

Delivery of this type of sequence-based data to SBDI will, therefore, be a two-step process. The first step is to submit text files or spreadsheets to the Swedish ASV portal which will in turn forward the data to the SBDI Atlas via the “Integrated publishing toolkit” (IPT). During the second step, the provider is asked to provide metadata for the data in the IPT.

The template for data submission (available from the portal) includes a few SBDI-specific fields, which are intended to improve the functionality of the intermediate data store in the SBDI molecular module. Other than this, the template is largely compliant with current GBIF recommendations for representing sequence-based data in biodiversity-platforms.

Contact the SBDI Support Center if you have questions or for further information.