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What about sensitive species?

Sensitive species observations are observations of species that have been classified based on current threats at different protection levels. Access to data for the most sensitive taxa is restricted to protect the species from harmful human activity that could arise if those data were publicly available.

Accessing data on sensitive species

In the SBDI Bioatlas sensitive species observations are flagged and information about how data have been generalized and which data is withheld is given. SBDI tools do currently not handle permissions for access to sensitive data. All requests for access to sensitive data have to be made directly to the data provider. A mechanism for receiving and handling these requests via the SBDI Bioatlas is due for development in 2021-22.

Permission to access observations of sensitive species can be granted when information is needed for the protection of the species, e.g. to administrators at public authorities working with nature conservation, or under certain conditions to NGO’s, consultancies and researchers.

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Calypso bulbosa orchid in Swedish Lapland. © Grahame Soden / CC-BY-SA-4.0 via Wikimedia Commons