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Analyze data

SBDI provides different tools for accessing, visualizing, exploring and analyzing biodiversity data, tools that are provided through web-interfaces, as online analysis environment, R tools, a general tutorial for analysis of biodiversity data, or more specialized tools for specific data types.

Mirroreum – online R tools: online environment including a web-based version of R Studio with a large number of pre-installed packages

SBDI4R package: an R package to search and download data from the SBDI data portal, including examples to help start exploring and analyzing data

Spatial portal: a web-interface tool set for data visualization and analysis

Molecular tools: SBDI hosts the Swedish ASV portal, currently accepting denoised amplicon sequences. The webapp serves as a portal to the main SBDI site and provides search tools for sequence data. It also allows submission of sequences.

Get help analyzing data: tutorials in the Step-by-step guides for the SBDI Bioatlas and a General workflow for analysis of biodiversity data

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