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Getting started

SBDI provides open access to Sweden’s biodiversity data and tools for visualization and analysis. The SBDI help pages will guide you in finding, accessing, visualizing and analyzing biodiversity data. From the starting Help page you can choose topic from a select number of quick links that are sorted into thematic boxes. Once you have clicked a topic of interest you can guide yourself forward by using the left hand menu, where more options and information is available.

At the main webpage of SBDI you will find useful information and links and you can read our community news and upcoming events, such as upcoming courses and training.

Our data and tools can be accessed from the SBDI Bioatlas. Data can also be accessed through our API:s or through R by using our online R Studio environment, Mirroreum, or by using our SBDI4R package.

To download data from SBDI and to use specific tools you will need to create an account. You can read more in our guide on How to register or go directly to Create an account.