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Checklists refer to resources comprising a list of species belonging to some category (e.g. taxonomic, geographic, trait-based, protected status, invasive or alien) and, optionally, can contain additional information with higher classification and/or additional traits associated with each species (e.g. higher classification, traits). Procedures for publishing a checklist through the IPT are straightforward and similar to those for other resources, but checklist publication is also possible using LA methods. Checklists can currently not be published directly in SOS, but can be stored separately and linked to specific species observations.

A Checklist is published with Darwin Core Taxon core and relevant extensions. Minimally, a species list needs to comprise the following DwC fields:

  • taxonID
  • scientificName
  • taxonRank

It can however contain additional DwC fields from Taxon core. It can also be extended using relevant DarwinCore extensions. Following DarwinCore extensions can be used to additionally describe the taxon records in the list:

  • Vernacular Names extension
  • References Extension
  • Species Distribution Extension
  • Species Description Extension
  • Alternative Identifiers
  • Types and Specimens Extension
  • Resource Relationship Extension

For excel template, minimal requirements and recommendations see For best practices for publishing Checklists see