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Advanced phylogenetic analysis with SuperSmartR

This course will introduce you to a series of R packages that together form a complete phylogenetic analysis pipeline. The tutorials outline all necessary steps for a phylogenetic inference and also demonstrates the steps for advancing and scaling up the method. In this course you will be introduced to the four existing supersmartR packages: phylotaR, restez, outsider, gaius. You will furthermore run simple exercises to create phylogenetic pipelines, develop your own customised analysis pipeline, improve your R programming skills, and become aware of the different phylogenetic and computing options. We encourage you to bring your own data and questions, and if possible run this course together in a small group – this will make the exercises more fun and comprehensible.

Contact: Matthias Obst (

Creator: Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center (GGBC)

Time effort: 14-16 hours

Course level: PhD level 

Recommended background: Basic knowledge of R and Phylogenetics

Link to module: