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Basic spatial analysis in R

This online course will introduce you to several applications related to the reading, processing and plotting of spatial data within the R environment (incl. maps, species ranges, etc.). It’s preferable if you have basic knowledge of the R programming language. You will play with several R-packages related to processing spatial data and work with both vector and raster data, learning how to convert between the two. Further you will run exercises related to plotting species diversity and individual species range maps. This course is intended to familiarize you with the most common spatial data operations and transformation in biodiversity research and provide a toolkit for further exploring big data in ecology and evolutionary research. We encourage you to bring your own data and problems, and if possible run this course together in a small group – this will make the exercises more interesting and comprehensible.

Contact: Matthias Obst (

Creator: Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center (GGBC)

Time effort: 4-6 hours

Course level: PhD level (motivated Master’s students welcome)

Recommended background: Basic R knowledge required

Link to module: