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Basic phylogeography

This course will give you a basic introduction to the R environment and show you how to run some very basic analysis of biodiversity data. You will combine biogeographic information with basic sequence analysis. The tutorials in this course explain how to get familiar with R studio, plot maps and build phylogenetic trees and then combine this information. This module is intended for beginners and 1st – 2nd year biology students. Before the exercises you should read the three papers in the “literature” folder. They will explain the scientific questions that can be addressed with an example. We encourage you to run this course in a small group – this will make the exercises more fun and also more comprehensible. After you complete the exercises you should discuss your findings with your peers and reflect on the provided papers in a group discussion.

Contact: Matthias Obst (

Creator: Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center (GGBC)

Time effort: 4-6 hours

Course level: Basic education biology

Recommended background: no specific background needed

Link to module: