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Advanced Python for Biologists

This is the sequel to the module “Basic Python for biologists”. In this course you will expand your basic Python skills and learn how to write our own Python program with a basic command line user-interaction. During this course you will also run through a mini machine learning exercise. By the end of the course you will have the necessary knowledge to produce personalized tools for common applications in biodiversity research (e.g. processing of ecological data, DNA sequence data, etc). Even though the focus will be on biodiversity data, the course is equally suitable for you if your background is in any of the life-sciences, since the tools and the syntax introduced in this course are universally applicable to any kind of data. We encourage you to bring your own data and problems, which will make the exercises more…spicy.

Contact: Matthias Obst (

Creator: Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center (GGBC)

Time effort: 6-8 hours

Course level: PhD level (motivated Master’s students also possible)

Recommended background: Basic Python knowledge required

Link to module: