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Twenty-four papers with Swedish authors in GBIF’s annual science review

February 10, 2021

The GBIF Science Review provides an annual survey drawn from the GBIF Secretariat’s ongoing literature tracking programme, which identifies research uses and citations of biodiversity information accessed through GBIF’s global infrastructure. The peer-reviewed articles summarized in its pages offer a partial but instructive view of research investigations enhanced and supported by free open access data that the GBIF network of members and publishers make available.

Visualization of GBIF-mediated data uses and trends (GBIF Secretariat. (2021). GBIF Science Review 2020. ).

During 2019 a total 743 peer-reviewed articles using GBIF-data were published, of which 42 has a Swedish author. There is a timelag for papers published during 2020, but we can already now see a drastic increase in the number of papers published. So far 71 peer-reviewed articles with Swedish authors can be found using the GBIF literature tracking programme. This may be a result of the current pandemic, but it also highlight the importance of accessability to free and open data when we are otherwise restricted.